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Shop entrance Feng Shui problems...

I took these photos of a women’s clothes shop in Hemel Hempstead, UK quite a while ago and could not believe that such a large company paying hundreds of thousands of pounds on rent, rates and staff would overlook the main entrance to their shop. Forget the fact that it is the worst possible case of Feng Shui; personally I would not even risk walking into this shop with the thought of the pigeon’s pooing on me let alone pooing all over their company name. This really is very bad FS.

I would love to know how they are getting on with their business in this shop. It is not uncommon for me to see this sort of presentation in a business and to me this is the basics of business shop presentation and also FS. You must keep the main entrance to a home or shop/office spotlessly clean and in good repair at all times, it is where the main qi enters the building; it is like the mouth in your body, crucial to good health.

Take a good look at your main entrance door and either give it a good clean (especially glass) or renovate but bear in mind that you should not do heavy repairs or ground digging in the NE and SW in 2010. If you have placed all your annual cures and enhancers and you have overlooked your main entrance they will not be working as effective as they could be.

Feng Shui doors and the main entrance regardless of a business or home is one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui and is so often overlooked even by the most experienced Feng Shui consultants.

The most important factor of a Feng Shui consultation is making sure that you have the correct facing direction of your home; most of the time the facing direction will be someones main door so it is extremely important to make sure that your main door is well maintained by keeping the door from having...
* flaking paint
* rotten woodwork
* rusty metal work
* broken doors
* faulty locks

For more information on finding your facing direction click here.

Shop entrance

Pigeons and thier droppings on company name

Shop entrance 2

This is the only entrance to this large shop

Shop entrance 3

The white you can see on the sign is Pigeon poo and not some arty design!

Shop entrance 4

Pigeon poo around the entrance to shop.

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