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How do wheelie bins affect the Qi of your home?

Most people will are usually limited to space in their garden without having their wheelie bin right outside their kitchen or living room window of course.

 wheelie bins and feng shui

This is what most people’s gardens will probably look like in central London and built up cities as it is not possible to get the bin through the house. Michael took this photo a few months ago while on a consultation in Glastonbury and I thought it would be appropriate for my post.

For those of you outside of the United Kingdom that are not aware of what a wheelie bin is, I have quoted part of an explanation of a wheelie bin from To read the full explanation please click here

“They are known by different names. In the United States it is technically known as a “mobile garbage bin” or MGB. Green bin is a term used in Canada. A more sophisticated relation of the traditional round bin, it is a rectangular box on wheels usually of injection molded high density polyethylene (HDPE) although the larger ones may be made of steel. It is designed to be emptied mechanically and is therefore constrained by various standards to ensure that it mates correctly with the unloading machinery.”

Over the years, wheelie bins have spread all over the united kingdom, they are not hte prettiest things to look at but in my opinion they are so much better than black bin bags bundled up outside your front garden or the green on the path. Wheelie bins also stop rats getting in and spilling rubbish everywhere.

The best way to keep “Yang” energy (positive) in and around your home with a wheelie bin is to make sure you clean it once or twice a month, I clean mine in the back garden every two weeks using a product called Bio D eucalyptus disinfectant which I buy from the ethical superstore , I cannot recommend this site enough, everything sold on here is all eco friendly. I would not recommend using bleach as it is quite harmful to the atmosphere but also it will kill your grass if you miss the drain when pouring the water away.

You may be shocked that a 21 year old is trying to be eco friendly, I admit I sometimes forget to throw my rubbish in the right recycling, but I think it is so important to do as much for the earth as it has done for us, after all where would Feng Shui be without all of the natural elements like water or metal?

In a perfect world we would have a extremely large garden with a nice wooden shed to store our recycling bins but sadly this is not possible for everyone.

  wheelie bin home

This is the area I have made for the wheelie bins in my home, I am quite fortunate as this is located around 15 feet from the back of my house and hidden away behind a shed. This is perfect because, even though it is cleaned every week, the smell of rubbish between collection days can be overpowering in the hotter months of the year with the heat, this on its own is extremely negative Feng Shui (sha chi).

If you do have to keep the wheelie bin by your door or near to the home you just need to make sure that it is kept clean every 2-4 weeks and the lid is permanently down.

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